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Founder of The Original Pizza Maker Company Limited has an amazing story to tell!

All of us in the family are foodies! I grew up in a house where food was at the centre of everything.. We were always on the look-out for new ingredients, recipes and even new gadgets.

The story began when my mum spotted an amazing pizza oven at a friend’s house, which was turning out great tasting pizzas literally every 4-5 minutes. The first thing she did was to buy one online that same evening. Life was never the same again!

The Pizza Maker became an obsession with my Mum and Dad. They started experimenting with it, trying different recipes and different types of pizza bases, inviting their friends for tasting sessions, perfecting the pizzas along the way to such an extent that they were soon being invited to childrens’ parties, summer fairs, fund raising events, launch parties, and the list goes on. Their pizza parties became legendary amongst friends and family. The most satisfying thing was that they were raising lots of money for good causes!

For my sister and me, it was a great way to cook a fast meal, and soon became a hot favourite with our friends too. For me it was a good way to impress my girlfriend(s) as well!

When I returned from University, my home-coming was also celebrated as a pizza party. All my friends had gotten involved, throwing a competition to create their own signature pizza! I shall never forget that evening. I saw the joy, the laughter, the competition, and most importantly so much happiness.

It was then that I felt that this equipment ought to be in every kitchen,With lots of patience and hard work, here it is – ‘The Original Pizza Maker’ – for everyone to enjoy!

You are now about to buy one of the most versatile products for your kitchen…find out for yourself!!

Tried and tested at dinner parties, kids parties, school fairs, charity events and sports matches